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To Honour and demonstrate the enduring ANZAC Spirit, our team of Australian and New Zealand Defence Force personnel are preparing to conduct an Expedition to traverse Antarctica.

Starting at the Ronne Ice shelf the team will steadily climb towards the snow-capped Thiel Mountains - an isolated range at the fringe of the Transantarctic Mountains. After navigating around the mountains the team will reach the barren Polar plateau where they will battle against constant blizzards, temperatures down to -40ºC and fields of Sastrugi as far as the eye can see. 

After weeks of facing some of the harshest elements on the planet the team will reach the South Pole.

However, the South Pole provides no relief - the traverse continues!

The weeks turn into months as the team weaves their way through the crevasse fields of the Leverett Glacier - where misstep leads to disaster. A safe descent of the glacier reveals the end goal; the Ross Ice Shelf.

An expedition of this nature has never been undertaken by a combined Australian and New Zealand team.

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