Cold Weather Training - September 2017


Over the period 2-15 September 2017, Australian Defence Force members preparing for the Expedition conducted cold weather training in Kosciuszko National Park, followed by Falls Creek in the Alpine National Park.

Renowned polar guide, Eric Phillips - assisted by Heath Jamieson, led the technical components of the training in the first week. Putting the team through their paces and providing invaluable advice. The miserable weather did nothing to dampen the team's spirits, with a very positive experience reported by all.

The second week of training saw a change in scenery to the Falls Creek back country. 
Under the direction of Unit Adventurous Training Leaders: Nathan, Sean, Mick, Nick and Kev the team split into two.

The focus was on resilience, leadership and teamwork, with both teams covering significant ground over four days of mostly miserable weather. The key training outcomes achieved were a refining of the Expedition equipment, development of team dynamics, enhancement of personal leadership qualities, and forging individual resilience in an austere environment.

A lot of fun was had, and many tears from laughter - subsequently frozen onto cheeks.


Kelly Kavanagh