Kelly Kavanagh

Kelly oscillates between meticulously planned expeditions and spontaneous adventures in far flung corners of the globe. His love for the outdoors stemmed from his parents, whose lack of supervision it could be said bordered on reckless. He has cycled, hiked, skied, sailed, surfed or explored nearly every continent on the planet.

He was part of a two-man team that traversed Iceland, unassisted, in winter. It was a tough expedition of relentless blizzards in near perpetual darkness – he’s heard that apparently it’s lovely in summer.

Inspired by the false confidence of recently passing his motorcycle ‘Learners’ he took off to Delhi, where he paid far more than he should have for an unreliable old Honda at a second hand motorcycle market. After nursing it across the Great Indian Desert he weaved his way through the avalanches and remote Himalayan passes of Kashmir. Weeks into the trip he stopped for a bite to eat near a small temple, where the realisation hit him: he doesn’t actually even like Indian food – he also later realised he had unknowingly stopped next to the Dalai Lama’s residence.
In need of a good cleanse he wrangled the bike for days through snow and mud to find the source of the Ganges River. After an arduous journey, he found everything boarded up with no food and nowhere to stay – people aren’t silly enough to make a pilgrimage in winter.

Wanting a break from the cold he travelled the length of the rugged – and often hostile – coastline of the Western Sahara in search of pristine waves. He managed to avoid the landmines but did end up with a really bad haircut.

He loves to see people push themselves in the outdoors, discovering qualities and finding a resilience they never knew they possessed.

Kelly divides his time between naval ship sustainment, planning his next trip, racing his yacht on Port Phillip Bay, and debating the finer points of a good Melbourne Brunch.